Wednesday, September 17, 2014

City Center Hotel in Seaside, Oregon review

Yes that's Hubs' thumb of approval.
When we went to the beach for Hubs birthday weekend, we called literally right before we were ready to leave and got a hotel. We called every hotel with a decent price point, and landed ourselves in the City Center Hotel in Seaside, Oregon. This hotel definitely had it's ups and downs, but one of it's big downs for us was that because we literally waited until the last minute, we got the last hotel room available (in the city due to a volleyball tournament) and we paid dearly for it. We ended up paying almost $300 for our hotel room for two nights. And we didn't even spend that much time in it to make the money worth spending.

Friday, September 12, 2014

5 things to avoid buying cheap

When you're trying to save money, there are some things that you should just not cut costs on. There is no amount of money that will help you save costs when you have to buy more, or invest in other things to help you erase the damage done. There are just some things that are best to spend the full price on so that you know that you're getting exactly what you expect. Here are five of those items.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Back to school coloring page printables

Sometimes we just need a way to chillax and do something mindless between the school work, or perhaps, you're working on fine motor kills, colors, or staying in the lines. Either way coloring pages are fun, and there are so many free ones out there, that you can find them for most any purpose. Here are a few back to school coloring page printables that anyone can enjoy. For the full size picture, simply click to enlarge.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

DIY recycled notebooks

When it comes to making things your own when heading back to school there are a million ways you can do it. Washi tape, Duck Tape, or using boxes from other foods and snacks. Making recycled notebook is actually really easy, and with some of the colorful designs on cereal boxes and other foods, you'll have some pretty unique notebooks.

Friday, September 5, 2014

DIY glitter marble magnets

When your older ones are heading back to school locker accessories and decorating their locker can be a really big deal. If they don't have the right things then their space can feel out of sorts, boring, and sometimes not worth using. A fun, simple project that most will enjoy making are these glitter marble magnets. They are great for posting notes in the locker and making sure that there is a bit of decoration to an otherwise drab space. These magnets only use a few items to create, and they can be used forever.